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was  established in 1980 and has conducted many successful auctions of ALL  types.  We are members of multiple organizations and subscribe to the policy of upholding the highest of  ethics and professionalism, to our customers ... the Sellers, and to the  public...our Buyers.  Our team of auctioneers, clerks, cashiers, and  ringmen/sale managers strive to achieve the best possible results for  our Sellers, through good marketing, a successful selling experience,  knowledge of the products being sold, and just plain hard work!  

We  firmly believe that EVERY auction should be be conducted professionally,  ethically, and handled the way we would want OUR OWN possessions  represented and sold.  And, that's why you can have confidence in us, and believe the motto we use . . .  "The RIGHT company ... the RIGHT results!"


"The Right company . . . The Right results!"

"When you hire our auction company, our slogan is our commitment ... and that's exactly what you'll get.  You have MY word on it!"

Larry Hacker  



Larry  has spent his entire life serving the public in a variety of jobs and  civic organizations.  He spent 32 in U.S. Postal Service in a variety  of management positions, audit teams, and district details, and is  currently serving as Southern District Commissioner for Bates County,  Missouri. He has been an owner of multiple businesses over the years from auto sales to a pizza restaurant to a paint/decorating center, and of course,  a successful auction business.  Larry has also been a licensed Missouri  real estate salesperson for 39 years.

Civically, the list is lengthy, varied, and impressive.  President of  Kenneth Kern Foundation, Past-President of Bates County Food Pantry  Board, President of Rich Hill Business Development Corporation, Past  Chairman of the Bates County Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board, Rich Hill  "Famous for the 4th" Committee, MU Extension Council, Kaysinger Basin  Regional Planning Commission Board and Transportation Advisory  Committee, Rich Hill Youth Development Center Community Liaison Council,  Past-President Butler Rotary Club, member of the County Commissioners Association of Missouri, and he has been a part of multiple Chambers  of Commerce.

Larry is a KNOWN success when it comes to fundraising and benefit auctions.  He annually conducts record breaking auctions for El Dorado  Springs Christian School, Kern Senior Center, McGennis Youth Center,  Butler Senior Center, Bates County Ducks Unlimited, Rich Hill's "Famous  for the 4th" (world record holder), Lee's Summit Ducks Unlimited,  Papinville Historical Society, Children's Center of SW Missouri, AAUW of Vernon County, and  numerous other community fundraising auctions.

Professionalism is a priority to Larry, along with top notch ethics and  client satisfaction.  His staff represents quality people, providing  quality auction services. 

When you, or someone you know, needs to buy or sell, you can be sure  that when you call Larry Hacker Auctioneers you're going to get total  effort for a successful auction experience! 

If YOU are interested in scheduling an auction, or just want to "ask a few questions"  about auctions, give us a call at 417/876-7900.  We'll be glad to sit  down and answer all the questions you might have.  We've been in the  business for over 39 years, and we've got hundreds of references from  folks we've worked for in the past!  We would welcome the opportunity to  add YOUR name to the list!   


"Thank  you for donating your time to the Kern Center Pie Auction.  We really  appreciate all you do in support of the center and the Rich Hill  community!"

Linda T.
Kern Center Board

"You really worked the crowd this year and got some bucks for the ducks!"

Anthony "Tony" Berter
Lee's Summit/Glenn Chambers Ducks Unlimited

Great job last night!! .... Thank you for all you do for Missouri DU and most importantly the ducks!!

Norm Zinck, Jr.
Missouri State Chairman
Ducks Unlimited


Thank  you so much for donating your time and talent to auctioneer for us this  year! Your expertise made the whole process go smoothly, and we greatly  appreciate your services. Because of your willingness to use your  abilities, and with God's blessing, we raised $29,052 for our school!

PTO President
El Dorado Christian School

Thank you for another great auction!  Once again, you knocked it out of the park!!!  
Thank you for all of your support!

Justin Kershner
Bates County Ducks Unlimited Chapter

To Anyone anticipating having an estate auction: 

Having  to disperse of your recently deceased parents' 70-year accumulation of  household goods and treasured possessions can be an emotional and  physically exhausting process.  When the decision is finally made as to  what to keep in the family, then one has to let go of the rest. Being  in this very situation, my husband and I felt an auction made the most  sense in securing a new home for these goods and treasures!

Larry  Hacker Auctioneers made the whole process run smoothly. Larry  inventoried the items and with his eye for what would attract buyers, he  formed his list for the newspaper ad and flyers accordingly.  He was  organized, and thorough, and was always available by phone, email, text  or in person to answer questions and address any concerns leading up to  the day of the auction. With his combined good sense of humor and his  empathy for the feelings involved in disposing of my parents'  possessions, we knew we had chosen the right person to handle this sale. From set-out to the final bid on the final item, the day of the  auction went without a hitch with Larry and his team in charge. 
We highly recommend Larry Hacker Auctioneers.
Jim and June Wheatley family 


"Your  generosity to this community and to our local Ducks Unlimited Chapter  is gratefully appreciated.  Our Chapter's efforts at this spring  Garozzo's dinner raised over $17,000... Again, we thank you for your support and invite you to participate next year."

Tony Berter, Area Chairman
Glenn Chambers DU Chapter (MO-085)

"Again our thanks for your fine job at our auction.  You always do us proud.  Our picnic was a success due it part to your fine auctioneering."

Papinville Historical Association

"Thanks a bunch!
We all just wanted to thank you again for handling the auction.  We feel it was a success and know without your help we would have had a very difficult time handling all the belongings ..."

Family of the GODDARD ESTATE Auction

"Thank you so much for the auctioning of the quilt (brought $1,000) from the Kern Senior Center.  We at the Center were VERY PLEASED with the amount.  You have a way of getting the bids!"

Kern Senior Center
Rich Hill, MO

"I want to thank you for helping out and doing such a great job for us at our Ducks Unlimited event. We had the best live auction we have ever had!  I felt I was was running around everywhere, and I didn't get to spend  much time talking with you before hand on the auction items. You were  right on point and got exactly what we were wanting. I could not have  asked for anything more. I've had several people comment about our live  auction, and I have recommended you to others ..."

Dillon Pike
Bates County DU - Event Chairman

"Thank you for helping make our Annual Chili Supper and Auction such a SUCCESS!  You helped us raise a RECORD AMOUNT of ...."

Kim J.
El Dorado Christian School

"Larry Hacker has been our lead auctioneer at our annual school  fundraising auction for several years.  He is a pleasant and  professional individual with which to work.  His manner is the right mix  of business and banter, while exuding character and integrity. He has a  great feel for how far to take the bid to get the most for the items  without tiring the audience.  This year, in these tough economic times, he helped us raise $33,800, a 12% increase over last year!"  

Amy C.
El Dorado Christian School

"I've  almost survived.  This entire process has really overwhelmed me,  especially since my brother and I were so close and so much alike.

From my very first call to you, you treated me so well.  I appreciate so  much your kindness and your interest in the "treasures" found.   Everyone in your "team" demonstrated warmth and professionalism."

Rhonda H.
(Key Estate Auction)

Again, thank you so much for donating your time to be our auctioneer at the Kern Senior Center Pie Auction.

It was a good evening and counting some donations on Friday we made $2,280.oo which is more than last year.  Thanks again.

Kern Senior Center

" . . . Because of God's blessing and help from wonderful people like yourself, we were able to raise $31,307 this year."

Kim J.
ECS PTO Administrator  



  • Often times you'll hear someone speaking of auctions and refer to  them as being "addictive". That's because there's nothing else quite  like the competitive environment, and the excitement, of buying  or selling at auction.  Whether you're looking for a bargain, wanting to  buy a specific antique or collectible, or even bidding on a piece of  real estate, you'll find that the auction method of buying and selling  is the fastest and fairest method to establish current market values of  virtually anything in the world!  You owe it to yourself to attend the  auction of a reputable auctioneer, and "experience" a fast paced, and  very intriguing, event! 




 If you've NEVER attended an auction ... give it a  try! You'll find anything, and everything, can normally be bought at  auction.  The following information explains who "the players" are in an  auction company, and what their responsibilities consist of on the  auction staff:

Directs the auction and calls out the series of bids on an item with his  "chant".  The "chant" is never the same from Auctioneer to Auctioneer,  but serves the same purpose ... to call out the last given bid and ask  for the next higher bid until all bidders have reached the limit of what  they are willing to pay for the item being sold.  A good Auctioneer  should be clear voiced, easy to understand in his bid calling, and very  knowledgeable of the items being offered in the auction.

Determines the next item to be sold, provides a brief description of  it, displays, or holds the item up for all bidders to see what is being  offered, and then accepts, and calls out to the Auctioneer, when he  receives the next higher bid from the crowd.  Often times, the ringman  can make the difference in how "smoothly" the auction progresses by his  knowledge of "packaging" the items offered, and the prompt preparation  of the next lot to be offered.

Described as the "organizer" of the auction staff.  This person goes  into action days, or even weeks, before the day of the auction to  inventory, supervise a crew of "set-up" staff, and assure the auction  site, and necessary equipment, is ready for sale day. 

The CLERK:  
A very important position on the auction staff, in that this person is  responsible for recording EVERY item sold, the bidder who had the high  bid on that item, and the exact price it brought.  The clerk may have 8  to 10 hours of intense concentration in recording the entire auction at  whatever pace the Auctioneer is working the auction.  A knowledge of how  to describe every item being sold is crucial in this position.

The "banker" of the day's business.  The cashier is responsible for  pre-registering bidders and obtaining proper identification of each  bidder prior to issuing a bidder's number before the auction even  starts.   Throughout the auction, the cashier summarizes and totals all  of the tickets of the items being sold, AS they are sold, arriving at an  individual total for each bidder while also running current sub-totals  of the entire auction.  Often times there are HUNDREDS of individual  bidders to determine totals for.  At the end of the auction, the cashier  tallies the total of the items sold, balances the individual tickets  and the money collected, and closes the books for the day's auction so  that the Seller can receive their proceeds from the auction.  The  cashier MUST be thorough and extremely accurate. 

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