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 RICH HILL, MISSOURI - While this community touts their  claim to fame as "Famous for the 4th" (Fourth of July Celebration),  there's much more that it could be "famous" for.  Two lovely parks grace  the main trafficway through this community.  The east park has a "turn  of the century" entrance adorned with a gated walkway, complete with  antique lamp lights, that leads you down a red bud-lined median.  The  second park, also known as the "round park" has a charming brick walkway  that strolls you past the old bandstand known as center stage of the  free entertainment during the "Famous for the 4th" celebration.  And if  two parks weren't enough for any town, there's a third ... the Caboose  Park that features an actual retired train caboose, an iron-framed  bridge from early days in the area, and "Big Mouth" ... the gigantic  coal shovel that is on display there.  Also a part of this area is the  13,732 acre Four Rivers wetlands complex that attracts duck hunters from  all over the United States annually, along with multiple other Missouri  Department of Conservation facilities, and a local community of Old  Order Mennonites who raise TONS of fresh produce, build an assortment of  leather and wood items, and even produce sorghum in the fall with a  press that is powered by live horses! 

    There's much to do when you exit Interstate 49 at Rich Hill, Missouri!  


 "Big Mouth" coal shovel      


 The Stone Bandstand in the Round Park 


 Historic water tower   

(dismantled in 2008)   

For more information CLICK on any of the following Rich Hill links:

City of Rich Hill
Rich Hill School District
KLM Telephone Company - American Broadband


   Tanning and Day Spa insurors that know their business!   Established in 1995 with customers all over the United States.  Rich  Hill gets lots of "exposure" nationwide from this company!

Peterman's Fine Oak Furniture
   The name says it all . . . FINE   OAK   FURNITURE.  The  Petermans are quality woodworkers, and craftsmen, and the products they  turn out prove it!  You can click on this link to go shopping  for quality Oak furniture pieces and never have to leave your home!

Rich Hill Truck & Equipment
  For years and years this Rich Hill business has supplied  companies and individuals around the world with commercial trucks and  equipment.  Be sure to browse their website and take a look at what else  "comes from Rich Hill"!

Rockwall Estates Senior Living
 When  you're ready to REALLY enjoy retirement and living, you'll want to make  a personal visit to check out this great "senior" neighborhood in El  Dorado Springs!  Conveniently located, and nearby to all shopping,  medical and healthcare, banks, restaurants, and much more!  And, the  best part is each 1 or 2 bedroom residence has complete lawn care, snow  removal,  maintenance, and most utilities included!  You do NOTHING but  enjoy retirement!  Don't wait . . . right now you're probably working  too much, and enjoying life too little!  Make the change!

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